b. 1963
Diploma of Fine Art. National Art School. Sydney 1992
Represented by Watters Gallery, Sydney

“It is the artists quest to transform impressions into satisfying, honest artworks. It is the achievement of this that separates good, real art from sentimental illustrations or cold technical exercises”,  Sonia Legge 2007.

Making these sculptures is a process of drawing an instant, a memory, a sidelong glance and  a long hard look into a physical form.

I try to keep the pieces open, allow white space and emptiness to talk as much as the line and shapes I introduce.
I build with a growing language of ciphers and glyphs. Elements re- occur, providing a point of reference around which to make different explorations of narrative and composition.

In the end the sculptures should have a resonance, an elegance that speaks in its own voice of that first impression that caught my eye, that sat in my mind, that asked to be made.