Welded steel sculptures that reflect the architecture and landscape of where I live

Bacon graduated from the National Art School in 1992. From 1997 he held eight solo exhibitions at Legge Gallery before moving to Watters Gallery.

His welded steel sculptures are inspired by the landscape and are informed by a figure and working drawing practice.

In 2000 Bacon won the Balnaves Sculpture Acquisition Award at Sculpture by the Sea, the same year he was awarded an Art OMI International Artists Residency in New York and in 2014 Bacon was awarded the Regional NSW Acquisition Program at Sculpture by the Sea. In 2017 he was awarded the Sculptures in the Garden Friends acquisition  prize.

Represented in public and private collections.

Paul Bacon CV

“It is the artists quest to transform impressions into satisfying, honest artworks. It is the achievement of this that separates good, real art from sentimental illustrations or cold technical exercises”. 

- Sonia Legge 2007 -

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